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This medical exhibit begins with one sagittal (side cut-away) view of the cervical spine clearly revealing the disc protrusions at the C4-5 and C6-7 levels. This image is based specifically on the MRI. Next, one posterior (back) view of the upper torso of a female figure with the skeletal anatomy of the spine and the muscular anatomy of the left shoulder shown transparently beneath the skin and the nerves of this region shown transparently beneath the muscles is included. Bright flashes of red are shown at C4-5 and C6-7 symbolizing the source of the pain and this red color is shown radiating across the neck and down into the shoulder. Also, a region of the musculature below the left scapula is shaded in blue to represent the paresthesia and weakness in this region. Also, the key steps of the triple level anterior discectomy and fusion procedure is illustrated in graphic detail including the removal of the herniated disc material, the preparation of the disc spaces and the fixation of the vertebrae with the PEEK spacer and fixation hardware.
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