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Item #: exh5780b
This stock medical exhibit depicts widespread spinal injuries with a cervical discectomy and fusion procedure. The first illustration is a sagittal view demonstrating the cervical spine injuries: C5-6 posterior osteophytes with encroachment of the left neuroforamen and C6-7 posterior osteophytes with encroachment of the neuroforamina bilaterally and impingement of the spinal cord. Also shown is a sagittal view of the lumbar spine illustrating the multiple disc injuries found between L3-S1. There are four steps of the operative procedure illustrated, beginning with the incision exposing the cervical vertebrae. The next illustration shows the removal of disc material at at C5-6 and C6-7 and the removal of osteophytes. Then a second incision is made in the left hip to harvest bone graft. Finally the bone graft is placed in the disc spaces and a plate is secured with multiple screws completing the fusion.
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